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9 updates

  • LB 110 - Wishart
    Adopt the Medical Cannabis Act
    05/15/2019 - Crawford AM1865 pending
  • LB 248 - Howard
    Change terminology relating to hearing-impaired persons
    05/16/2019 - Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment
  • LB 294 - Speaker Scheer At the request of the Governor
    Appropriate funds for the expenses of Nebraska State Government for the biennium ending June 30, 2021
    05/15/2019 - Erdman AM1866 filed
  • LB 511 - Brewer
    Authorize adjustments to state employee work schedules for approved youth mentoring programs and change provisions relating to expense reimbursement
    05/15/2019 - Hansen, B. AM1843 filed
  • LB 519 - Slama
    Change statutes of limitations for certain sexual and trafficking offenses and authorize interception of communications relating to such offenses
    05/16/2019 - Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial
  • LB 657 - Wayne
    Adopt the Nebraska Hemp Farming Act and change provisions relating to the industrial hemp agricultural pilot program
    05/16/2019 - Wayne AM1860 filed
  • LB 680 - DeBoer
    Adopt the Uniform Civil Remedies for Unauthorized Disclosure of Intimate Images Act
    05/16/2019 - Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial
  • LB 686 - Lathrop
    Change provisions relating to post-release supervision, competency to stand trial, restrictive housing, and the long-term restrictive housing work group, create a criminal offense relating to electronic communication devices in correctional facilities, and provide for deferred judgments by courts
    05/16/2019 - Enrollment and Review ER125 filed
  • LR 146 - Wayne
    Interim study to examine the feasibility of introducing a Prosecutor Transparency Act in Nebraska
    05/16/2019 - Referred to Executive Board
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